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DIY Floating Shelves

DIY Custom Shelves

Easy & Affordable DIY Custom Shelves

I could never find any shelves that I liked when I was originally looking for a TV entertainment center shelf above our fire place. So I decided to build my own, now I get asked all the time how I built them.

I put together a quick step by step guide & video so you can build your own. Also these are super easy to get creative with and put your own touch on them with different brackets, rustic wood, etc.

The shelves I have pictured were used in our at home bar area to hold our travel shot glasses.

Step by step guide to DIY shelves & links


Wood ( I used 5.5 x 35 in pieces )

Black L shape brackets ( Amazon link here )

Old rag/ cloth



  1. Cut wood to desired size, I have mine cut at Lowes or Home Depot when I buy it

  2. Sand all sides of the wood till smooth

  3. Use cloth to stain all sides of the wood & allow it to dry completely

  4. While the wood is drying, drill brackets into the wall ( the link I provided comes with wall anchors, if you use different brackets be sure to still anchor into your wall if you cant drill into a stud)

  5. seal your wood and let it dry

  6. Once it is dry, put the wood on the bracket, you can drill the bracket into the wood if you will be placing heavy items on the shelf.

Super easy & affordable & not time consuming :)


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