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Best Food In Bali

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Everywhere we ate & drank while visiting Bali

Best Restaurants in Bali

Let me just start this blog post with saying.. Wow restaurants in Bali were an emotional rollercoaster! There would be days where we would find amazing food & we wanted to order the entire menu and then days where we would go 24 hours without eating. My number 1 recommendation for Bali is to DO YOUR RESEARCH! You can't just walk into a place on the side of the road and be satisfied or be confident that you won't get Bali Belly.

For the most part we stayed away from Warangs (Small restaurants or stores on the side of the road) because that is where we heard you could end up with Bali Belly & honestly the food didn't look that good to us, but that was just our experience. If you want a more authentic food experience in Bali & want to eat at Warangs, make sure your food has been kept hot and that they use bottled water to wash their veggies or fruits. Luckily none of us got Bali Belly, but from what I've heard it's not fun and can ruin your trip.

Where to eat in Bali

Everywhere we ate & drank in Bali

We stayed in different areas of Bali as it is difficult to do day trips to the different cities with traffic & we wanted to experience all of Bali. So, I will organize the restaurants by each area in Bali that we visited. Majority of these places were recommended to us, some of them we just walked into while we were out and about.

Seminyak / Kuta:

Crumb & Coaster

This place was so good we went back many many times. It's located near the markets and beach, I recommend walking or taking a scooter as the roads are very small and busy near the restaurant. The restaurant is a trendy, instagramable brunch spot with amazing food options for everyone. This is a great vegetarian restaurant in Bali but they also have awesome options for meat lovers. The restaurant was busy every time we went to make sure to go in advance to get a table. Another awesome perk about this place is that they do accept card!

Our orders:

As I mentioned we went here a few times, once you find a good restaurant in Bali you wanna keep going back (we weren't sure when we would have another good meal). I am going to just list the items we ordered in order of favorite to least favorite, everything was very good so you can't go wrong.

Veggie burger, Yogi Breakfast, Chicken avocado wrap, Avocado toad, breakfast burrito, Cool me down juice, Holy Temple juice, Pancakes, chocolate milk shake, quesadilla, coffee French toast

Coffee Cartel

This was another recommended restaurant in Bali and it did not disappoint! First off the restaurant is adorable, everything is pink and on trend. I believe they have two different locations and do accept Visa. The food was amazing, best veggie burger I have ever had! If you are a coffee drinker this place is for you, they can put whatever design on your hot latte that you want which is really cool! They also offer vegan/vegetarian options.

Our Order:

As usual we ordered a few different meals to try and they were all amazing. My least favorite thing I tried from here was the Pink beetroot latte and the pink chai tea, They were drinkable but I have had better versions of this drink. The vegan burger was amazing and a large serving size, I love that they added pulled jackfruit on the burger. The katsu chicken was good for not being an American chicken strip. The deluxe roll is basically a breakfast sandwich, the sauce on the sandwich was amazing! Hollandaise eggs with salon on gluten free bread was pretty good but could of used a hot sauce or a little more flavoring. The sweet potato fries are a must order here, homemade and yummy! We also ordered two desserts to try, both were unreal, the chocolate lava cake and banana bread.


We were walking along the beach, we were getting pretty hungry and most of the places near us were very busy so we decided to stop and eat at this hotel on the beach. To be honest the food was very over priced, tasted average, and the workers didn't understand much English. This looked like a very nice hotel in a nice area but I would not recommend it to anyone. There are far better spots in this area.

Our Order:

I got the Arrabiata Penne and it was fine, nothing special and expensive for the size. Then we ordered the burger with fries and calamari, could of just been regular bar food, we left unsatisfied.


We were recommended this place but not as a restaurant, we were told this is the best place to party at night. We didn't want to party but we did want to check it out. At 9 PM it turns into a bar and you aren't allowed to sit down and eat. Really fun environment and a large place, Miami vibes. They serve "authentic Mexican" Although I would have to disagree. But anyway, the food was okay and the drinks were good. I would recommend going here for a night out but not eating.

Our Order:

I struggled to find something vegetarian on the menu that looked good, I got nachos and a side of black beans. Neither one was very good. We also ordered the quesadilla, it wasn't very good and not a large portion.


Wow.. this place is unreal! First off, this is a nicer place in Bali, more expensive and perfect for honeymoon vibes or if you are looking for a more fancy bar and restaurant. During the day they have a bunch of day beds set up with a pool that looks over the ocean. They have 5 different bar areas all with a little different of a vibe. The music is fun but still relaxing. They throw crazy parties with DJ's, I recommend looking in advance to see what they have planned. All the staff is professional and very kind. We got the opportunity to eat at their 5 coarse restaurant that is upstairs and overlooks the ocean and their pool. I have never felt like more of a princess. The food was amazing and so were the drinks. They even offer a vegetarian 5 coarse meal and it blew my mind with how amazing it was. The meals are very small but you leave feeling so full, they even add extra meals in without telling you which was a fun surprise.

Our Order:

Since we did the 5 coarse meal I am not 100% on everything that was brought out to us but just trust them, I promise it will be good. They also offer a drink pairing to go with your meal which we did not do but if I were to go back I would. They also have a 12 coarse meal, I'm sure its amazing but the 5 coarse meal was more than enough food.

Nusa Ceningan:

Sea Breeze

This small island off of Bali did not have a ton of options so when we found a place we liked we decided to eat majority of our meals there. This restaurant is a really cool beach club on the water, they have a pool with swim up bar and you can walk out into the water and lay in hammocks. At night they have fun music and a beautiful view of the sunset over the water. The food was good, nothing crazy special but it satisfied us for a few meals.

Our order:

I loved the fried rice and fried noodles, they would put an egg on top which was fun and there would be a side of these weird chips but they tasted good. They have amazing juice, I got the papaya juice and it was delicious. My friends also loved the fried rice and noodles, they also tried a few other things on the menu that they enjoyed. Their breakfast was pretty good and one of the only places we found open at 8 AM.

Mahana Point Warung & Bar

We stopped by this warang for some drinks and a snack after going to the Blue Lagoon. Seemed like a safe warung, lots of tourist eating here. The restaurant was above the water, a beautiful view. You can also jump off the restaurant into the water which was really fun. The food was good and the drinks were fine. Nothing special but we enjoyed our time here.

Our Order:

We ordered the club sandwich, spring rolls, and calamari. The drinks were strong, I recommend just ordering a vodka sprite because thats what their specialty cocktails tasted like but were more expensive.

There is not a website


Suka Espresso

We found this place while walking around in Ubud, I am so lucky we stopped. The food was so good we came back a second time. They have a large menu for brunch and dinner with vegetarian and gluten free options. They also serve you water which was a nice touch. I think we would of eaten here every day for brunch if our villa didn't serve us breakfast every morning for free.

Our Order:

If you are thinking about getting a drink I highly recommend it, the red velvet latte is amazing and their milk shakes are extravagant. The turmeric latte was good but nothing like the red velvet. I really enjoyed my soba noodles with tofu and the veggie toasty, I also recommend getting their gluten free brownie with ice cream. We also ordered the fill it up bowl, breakfast smoothie, chicken burrito bowl, chicken toasty, chili bae, and pulled pork sandwich. No complaints, everything was delicious. I also saw a lot of people order the pancakes and they looked so good.

Folk Pool and Garden

I found this place while I was looking on the maps for a fun place to get drinks, we ended up going here for food and drinks. They have some really cool seating options, during the day you can swim here. At night they have a moving playing on the projector which was really fun. We managed to make it for happy hour, 4-7 PM. The drinks were really good and I loved my meal. It is a bit more pricier than some other places but we enjoyed our time here. I recommend making a reservation.

Our Order:

I got the vegetarian rijsttafel, a vegetarian spin on their traditional meal. It was so good and very filling. We also ordered the chicken pizza, which they claimed was the best pizza they had in bali, lobster angel hair, local rice field duck, churro, peanut butter partite and ice cream Sunday. The churro was not good but other than that the food was really good.

Città Ovest Italian Warung

A lot of the locals kept mentioning how we needed to eat Italian and Mexican while in Ubud, so we listened. We went to the closest Italian restaurant and we were a little disappointed. The food was good but wasn't amazing. Its a very small restaurant with limited seating. Also there were people smoking inside, which was weird for us Americans. Overall I wish we would of done more research and found a different Italian spot.

Our order:

We ordered the bruttchata alla citta, margarita pizza, spagetti pomodoro, salmon cream pasta, and carbonara creama. I think my favorite was the pizza, although it just tasted like a basic pizza.

Milk & Madu

This place was highly recommended to us but ended up not being our favorite spot. The offer a variety of pizzas and other food items. Their happy hour is 2 for 1 pizzas after 5 PM, great deal. We found this place to be a little more pricer and not as good. The restaurant was large and trendy, but very hot as they did not have their AC on. Also keep in mind they charged us a 16% service fee which made our bill even more expensive.

Our order:

We got two pumpkin pie pizzas, one with gluten free crust. The gluten free crust was not the best. We also ordered the green peace pizza, classic pepperoni, 3 cheese toasty, and the dessert pizza. The pizza sizes are pretty big except the dessert is a kids size. The 3 cheese toasty was the best item we got but for pizza I liked the pumpkin pie the best.

Taco Casa

I mentioned this earlier, but all the locals told us we needed to try Mexican food while in Ubud. To be honest I'm really not sure why but we were down for margaritas and burritos! Taco Casa was recommended to us so we decided to go. It was a fun open restaurant, nothing too fancy. The food and drinks were good and reasonably priced. For being a Mexican restaurant 1,000s of miles away from Mexico it was pretty dang good.

Our order:

We did two build your own burritos, one with enchilada sauce, a quesadilla, and chips and salsa. Everything was very good and we enjoyed our time here. I'm not sure I would recommend this place since you can eat like this in America but we had fun.

Acai Queen

I noticed this place on my Instagram and then when we were walking to dinner we passed it so I felt like we needed to go. Its a very small little place but very cute. They have these fun cards sitting out to play with while you wait. We got dessert here but it looked like they also offer açaí bowls and smoothies. Everything here is vegan, you can hardly tell the ice cream isn't dairy.

Bali Cooking Class

If you want an authentic meal sign up for a cooking class. We had the most amazing meal and time. We picked the vegetables from the garden, then they taught us how to cook 5 different traditional meals. The teachers were amazing and we got to meet people from all over the world. They provided transportation to and from the organic farm, they also offered vegetarian meals. I do not know all the dishes names but I will link the cooking class that we took & post the photos of all the food we made.

If you have been to Bali and have any other food recommendations please leave them in the comments for other people to see.

Wanna see what else we did besides eating? Check out my Thing To Do In Bali blog!


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