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Welcome All Foodies & Travelers!

Welcome to all things food and travel.

Explore & eat with me!!


I love to travel, I love to eat.. So here we are, a blog about my traveling and eating!

Traveling to new cities can be difficult, trying to create an itinerary and also figuring out all the best restaurants.. It's a lot. Not only do I love seeing other peoples itineraries and hearing their food recommendations but I get ask by a lot of people my recommendations for cities I have been and I can never remember exactly what we did. This blog is going to be a guide for all my friends and family who are traveling to places I have been. Now I will never forget where I got that awesome dinner or which sites were worth seeing.

Lets help each other have the best experiences!

If you have ever been to any of the cities I post about or have recommendations for other readers (& me) please feel free to comment them below! I love going back to cities I have been to before and having new experiences.

Other Benefits!

More than just words on a website

I will continue to make travel vlogs on my YouTube channel, check out the "Videos" tab to see everything I talk about in my blog posts to get even more excited about your next vacation!

Arizona Locals & Travelers

Since my home is in Arizona, I have a lot of blog post ideas for restaurants and things to do in Arizona. If you have any restaurants you want me to try out or your favorite Arizona activity please let me know in the comments, I am excited to explore my home more and document everything for you guys!

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